About us


  • Construction / provision of SHELTER Homes for low income groups/ vulnerable community in Pakistan on very nominal charges / affordable installments.
  • Vocational training for women and youth.
  • To utilize available indigenous resources for sustainable agricultural development.
  • Establishment of schools for especial children/ communities.
  • Construction and establishment of schools/ colleges in deserving areas and establishing a network of already established rural institutions of NGOs/CBOs.
  • Measures for Agriculture and human resource development.
  • Provision of Health Centres (Mother & Child Care) in rural areas.
  • Provision of Ambulances and mobile health units in rural areas of Pakistan.
  • Drinking Water and Sanitation.
  • Population welfare/ family planning.
  • Establishment of Small Industries for income generation /energy sector development.  
  • Taking initiatives for employment of youth, beggars and widows.
  • Micro-enterprises and micro-financing for income generation projects.
  • Human Rights (as per the philosophy of UDHR, CEDAW, CRC etc) and creating a network of HRCs in every UC of Pakistan.
  • Institutional Building / Capacity Building of rural NGOs through professional sister NGOs on NANGO platform.
  • To establish a countrywide network of educational and vocational institutions.
  • Advocacy on different social, cultural & debate able religious issues for conflict removals and for peace building.
  • To reform Medrassahs for equal state level of education so that medressah students may take part in main streams and they remain positive for society.