SHELTER ASSOCIATION, a non-political, non-profit making and non-governmental organization (NGO) was recognized at the local level in Islamabad in 1993, by a its founder President Mr. Muhammad Latif Hashmi (late), a Jeweller by Profession and Gaddi Nasheen of Silsila-A-Peer Bholy Shah (with 10 spiritual solutions). He wanted to work for the better living standards of Katchi Abadi inhabitants in Pakistan (so that their children can live upto the standards and also thy can make their dreams a reality in life) and for the houses of Low Income Groups (LIGs) thats why he named his organization SHELTER Association For this purpose in 1993-94, he purchased a land of worth $70,000 in Sangjani Margalla to establish a housing project that was to be developed by Luni Trading Corporation Germany. Then he involved a group of professionals already working in Pakistan or in different countries for fundraising for the SHELTER house project for the poor. But when Mr. Latif Hashmi provided Rs. 5 lac and sent his international director Mr. Buksh Muhammad Bhatti for signing contract with Luni Trading Mr. Bhatti but didn’t follow President’s instructions and settled himself there. So because of this project he suffered too much loss from its beginning.

Then Mr. President with his fellows started computer literacy programme in Rawalpindi / Islamabad with the moral support of the then PM of Pakistan Computer Literacy programme. SHELTERs first computer centre was established in Govt. Commercial Training Institute Hathi Chowk Saddar, Rawalpindi. This centre was inaugurated by Raja Pervez Ashraf (Ex-PM of Pakistan now) a minister of the then PPP govt. Then SHELTER didn’t look behind its failure of Shelter House Project and started IT Literacy programme in full-swing with the cooperation of its members. Membership was 365 per head and there were thousand of members who have been supporting SHELTER. Then SHELTER was offered grants from different organizations and it was demanded to be that it should be registered with Joint Stock Companies under societies act 1860 in 1996. Unfortunately when Mr. Muhammad Latif Hashmi (late) went back to his native area Jehlairy Singra Ghaziabad at Eid occasion, both the main offices of SHELTER in Waris Khan near thana Rawalpindi and I-9 markaz respectively were looted and was looted and SHELTER was deprived of almost 50 computers along-with office furniture were looted and could not be recovered. Consequently, it was decided to break up the General Body of the SHELTER and to start a new plan in Azad Kashmir in July 1996.

After this SHELTER President was too much depressed with huge losses with this mission by his own fellows. The SHELTER Association matters were taken up by its new Secretary General, Ishraq Ahmed Hashmi who was a student of B.Sc that time. To bridge the gap of so much losses and to heal the injuries of founder President, Ishraq Ahmed Hashmi (who had already done one year diploma in IT) purchased computers on installments and started SHELTERs first ever computer centre in Distt. Bagh, at Al-Munawar Plaza, Dhirkot, Azad Kashmir in July 1996, then he opened up another computer centre at Bagh, Azad Kashmir in April 1997. Ishraq Ahmed Hashmi continued the self help basis struggle of SHELTER with inducting local & internal members who supported this mission and SHELTER has been establishing computer colleges at every UC of Bagh, AJK. He restructured SHELTER and announced its new slogan as Sustainable Human-rights-through Education, Leadership, Technology, Environment & Rehabilitation. Then SHELTER was duly registered with Kashmir Council Secretariat Islamabad, on July 12, 1999. During the same time many other projects like establishment of Chinar Public Schools network, construction of Schools, Medressahs, Masjid at Jehlairy were completed. In 2001 SHELTERs founder announced its new President, Ishraq Ahmed Hashmi for his excellent work plus completing audits of previous years.

After completing his MS-IT Education in July 2001, Ishraq Hashmi who was impressed with the working of Dr. Naeem Ghani of (Sultana Foundation & his Monthly magazine The Voice) started Monthly magazine SHELTER International and got its ISSN: 1680-935 from Paris France. Then water supply scheme was launched, many CBOs were established, health project was launched, SHELTER was given Tax Exemption from Kashmir Council Secretariat under 36(2)c of ITO 2001. Then SHELTER file was sent for registration as charity in CA, USA with bank guarantee provided by Mr. Shakeel Arshad Lodhi (a UN official in NY, USA). Similarly, SHELTERs founder donated his own land worth 18 marlas for the construction of SHELTER Welfare Hospital and started construction work with his hand. At last it came the occasion of March 17, 2005 when this visionary person was coming back from Muzaffarabad after clearing some business matters but he suffere heart attack in the way to his home from Ghazi Abad and left this world for eternal world. One week ago he expressed the need of UMO for Muslims worldwide.

President, Ishraq Ahmed Hashmi didn’t give in and promised with BoD at the death of his late father Mr. Latif Hashmi and expressed great gratitude for his vision and efforts. Ishraq Hashmi requested SHELTER members to be with the mission of SHELTER. At local level SHELTER ASSOCIATION is establishing CBOs (Community Based Organizations + Some registered NGOs) as its members and is linking these CBOs globally through various NGO networks in Asia, Europe, Africa, South and North America. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Mumtaz Ahmed Hashmi and Abbas Ahmed Hashmi has done a great role in continuing this mission even in worst economic conditions and they are teachers of almost 10,000 IT students directly or indirectly from 18 SHELTER IT Centres from the last 17 years at Bagh, Azad Kashmir. Mr. Khalid Gardezi also participated in the establishment of SHELTER International as monthly magazine, so his efforts are also congratulated. He is still with SHELTER mission as Press Secretary.

Presidents wife Rabia Shaheen Awan who was well-known social worker/Women Rights activist here but now she is living in United States of America and wants to work for women rights worldwide as a mission of the SHELTER organization. She has to leave this country due to many socio-religious problems for being an active member of RWH Foundation Alaska USA that launched its rehabilitation program after earthquake, at Muzaffarabad, AJK. She is also Women Rights activist and was not accepted in the society for working with US based NGO after earthquake who also awarded her visa for training.

Now it is 2013 and we have to re-think about doing something great for the success of the organization. All the members living in Pakistan or abroad are requested to kindly support SHELTER for its mission of Sustainable Human-rights-through  Education,  Leadership, Technology, Environment & Rehabilitation.